Non-standard racks and luxury packaging

Production of transport, die, luxury and custom packages of laminated corrugated cardboard.


Own production line for: Corrugated "N" and "B" wave, thickness 1-3 mm; Five-layers corrugated profiles of fluting "B" + "E"; Micro "E" wave, thickness 1.5 mm; Moisture resistant corrugated cardboard.


Printing and laminating of layers corrugated cardboard with cardboard; Lamination – matte, glossy, silver and gold foil; Punching cartons and stoppers; Luxury packaging with embossed outer layer.


Corrugated cardboard and cardboard are environmentally friendly materials, 100% recyclable, do not contain harmful substances, packaging cardboard and corrugated protect the environment.


About Skat Print

Skat Print began manufacturing packaging and shelving out of card stock and cardboard in 1995 as a family business that still operates under the same ownership with the same high standards. Our ethos is to run an ecologically friendly family business that evolves alongside our clients and the global market. Our portfolio runs deep with long tenures as partners of leading brands such as Coca Cola, Johnnie Walker, Finlandia, Jack Daniel's, Stella Artois, LIDL and many more.

At Skat Print we are equipped with our own production line for manufacturing durable micro-corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 1.6 mm and cardboard with a thickness of 1.00 mm.
We specialize in the production of shelves, stands, and stoppers, display signs, boxes and moving boxes for wine and spirits and FMCG, packaging for perfume, cosmetics and more.
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